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Okay, so I'm halfway through the pilot of House (had to stop it in the middle because the medical stuff was too scary for the kids) and apart from thinking that some of the dialogue was a little forced and I could hear the distant clank of the Exposition Fairy's wings (thank you, lizbee, for that delightful phrase), I am thoroughly enjoying the show. Not least because of the pleasant shock caused by the following observation:

Hugh Laurie, up to this point in my experience = talented, if somewhat disconcertingly pop-eyed and frequently silly, British actor.


Grouchy, stubbly Hugh Laurie limping about with a cane and delivering Holmesian deductions in a flawless American accent = GUH.

Does anybody (*cough*penwiper26*cough*) want to give me a short list of the episodes from this season they think I really absolutely must see? I don't think I'm up to the whole twentysomething episodes, but six or seven key ones would be good...
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