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Wholess in the USA? Grieve No More!

Thanks to pbristow, who tipped me off to this...

The BBC are streaming all four of their channels, live. That means that if you happen to be sitting at your computer at, say, 2 p.m. EST this afternoon and would like to watch the Best Episode of Doctor Who Ever (or so everybody who's seen it keeps saying, anyway), you can check out the links provided in this post.

I thought it would be all choppy and poor quality like pretty much every other streaming real-time video I've seen, but it's crystal-clear. Am ever so impressed. If you don't have RealPlayer you can download the program from the BBC's own site, and apparently the download they offer is less invasive and persnickety than the usual version (though I've never really had a lot of problems with RealPlayer myself -- it's Windows Media Player I want to smash with a mallet).

Of course, the rotten thing is that this bounty does me no good personally, as my kids are wide awake then (and I don't think they're old enough to handle Who), plus we have to leave around 2:30 to get to my niece's birthday party. So I hope someone on my flist can get some good out of the link... just DON'T SPOIL ME, okay?
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