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I'm off for the weekend to a women's conference, won't be back until Sunday night, and if anyone spoils me for this week's Doctor Who before I've had the chance to watch it, I shall be Very Put Out, so do keep that in mind, won't you?

Which reminds me, I haven't reviewed the last two weeks. Uh... "The Unquiet Dead" was not nearly as bad as I'd feared, and actually had quite a few charming features, but definitely creepy as all-get-out. Oh, and I totally called the angelic-looking Gelth really being TEH EVAL. Really, I'd expect the Doctor to know better by now: aliens are almost always TEH EVAL, silly boy. This isn't Star Trek, you know, where they're all vaguely (or even mostly) humanoid and most of them are good at heart if only you can get beneath their callous exterior and appreciate their culture well enough to negotiate with them... no, in Who they're all out to kill you and/or conquer your planet, preferably in the most violent and disgusting way possible.

"Aliens of London" I didn't like so much, although there were some great bits in it. And now I really have to go RIGHT NOW, so -- have a good weekend, all!
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