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There are VIDDERS in my fandom!

And good ones, too! Eeeeeee!

I'm sorry, it's just that having been crazy about Doctor Who since the age of seven or eight (and that was back when Tom Baker, of the "teeth and curls" and interminable striped scarf, was playing the role), I'm not used to all these new kids on the block with their fresh-scrubbed faces and their shiny toys. Part of me is nervous lest DW fandom go the same route as LotR fandom and be drowned in a sea of RPF, Mary Sues, and canonically indefensible smut; on the other hand, it's so cool to see what can be done with the new series and new technology. Relative newbies are making icons and wallpapers and vids -- and even writing some nifty character-driven fics.

All of which is to say, go watch this, willya? 9th Doctor/Rose, no significant spoilers, and you can follow it even if you haven't seen the series. It's charming.

Hm. I can see I need a happy DW icon...
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