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This week's "Lost"

Just finished watching this week's episode.

Am in a state of complete and utter emotional devastation. Tears, heaving sobs, the works.

And it's not because of the shock of Boone's death, either. I already knew that he would die, not only because it would have been ridiculous for him to live after he got so munched up in that plane last week, but because I accidentally read an LJ comment today that implied it.

But GAH, the writers are evil. They just wrung that whole thing out for every last drop of emotion and I totally got suckered in.

Just... Boone... and Jack... and the baby... and...

*sobs more*

Dear Avenging!Jack: Please do not kill my poor woobie Locke. He didn't mean it, honest.

Have headache. Must go to bed now.
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