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Wow, THAT was fast...

So with just one episode of the new Doctor Who actually broadcast (and not only doing rather smashingly in the ratings, but already slated for another thirteen episodes and a Christmas special), Christopher Eccleston has up and decided he isn't going to keep playing the Doctor for fear of being typecast. Whoa, Chris, I understand the concern, but -- just thirteen episodes? Between McGann and Eccleston, at this rate the Doctor soon isn't going to have any regenerations left!

Anyway, now apparently, they're talking to David Tennant (i.e. Barty Crouch Jr. in the GoF film) to take over the role in the second series. When Fandoms Collide! Or something.

In other news, my computer woes of last week turned out to have their basis in a lot of very nasty spyware that my Spybot and Ad-Aware weren't apparently detecting. It was recommended to me that I stop using Internet Explorer and Outlook Express and switch to Firefox/Thunderbird, so I'm trying the latter out. It's a bit of a pain having to switch everything over, but so far, the new programs aren't bad at all...
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