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From zero to sixty in, er, about 48 hours

Two days ago I was lamenting (in an f-locked post, but don't worry, you didn't miss anything) my complete lack of interest or motivation when it came to writing -- not a good thing when you're in the middle of editing a novel that really, really has to get finished and out the door before the baby comes. I was also feeling rather discouraged when I looked back at the work I'd already done on the early chapters. However, simply admitting as much seemed to unblock some kind of mental jam, because as of last night I've finally whipped the Prologue into a shape I'm really proud of, and now here I am wishing fervently that I could hire a babysitter or something to look after my kids while I write! write! write!

However, the kids are still sick and I would not wish their germs upon a babysitter, so I will have to wait until later tonight to start tinkering again. In the meantime, I have made icons, including the one on this post, which I'm rather absurdly pleased with considering that the original artwork (which I drew last year and was never entirely happy with) didn't look nearly that good. Photoshop covereth a multitude of sins.
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