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Okay, I am totally not watching ALIAS this season, but even so...

According to a reliable source (well, at least according to the spoiler thread on TWoP, and they're a pretty skeptical bunch about unconfirmed stuff), Lena Olin is coming back as Irina in the 90-minute season finale. Of course that's a long way away, but dude, I am so there.

Also, speaking of JJ Abrams, GIP! I don't usually like to use other people's icons unless they were made specifically for me and therefore are not likely to be spotted in a zillion other LJs, but I have no idea where I might go about finding this screencap to make my own version. Besides, I like the lighting and Josh Holloway brings teh pretty in a truly impressive way so... here it is. Thanks to littleasianpixi and foriconsake.
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