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Desktop Meme

Gacked from lizbee:

01: Take a screencap of your desktop.

To cap a desktop:
1) Press "Print Screen" (prt sc) button
2) Open your graphics program-o-choice
3) Press CTRL + V
4) Save image as a JPEG

02: Upload the screen cap to your image server.

Don't have one yet? Use Photobucket. Or Imageshack.

03: Reply to this entry with your screencap or a link to your screencap. Along with any explanations you feel are necessary.

04: Post your cap in YOUR LJ along with these instructions.

I made this late this afternoon, when I decided it was time to switch from my previous wallpaper (a very handsome kestrel, photographed by avarill). I'd like to thank my kids, my couch, my cushions, my digital camera, and the "Poster Edges" filter in Photoshop, without which none of this would have been possible.
Tags: graphics, memes, wallpaper
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