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I haven't watched Alias this season since the second episode, having finally lost interest in the whole spy schtick, but the stuff you all were saying about this week's episode got me curious, so I decided to give it another try.

I guess it was a pretty good episode, in the sense that I didn't come across anything that actually made me roll my eyes -- though admittedly, Dixon coincidentally deciding to meet Syd in the self-storage warehouse where she used to meet Vaughn came pretty close. The story had some interesting character moments, particularly the tension between Syd and Nadia during her birthday dinner, but I have to say, I'm just not feeling much of anything toward this scenario and these characters any more. Among other things, I came to the disappointing (but somehow, not really surprising) conclusion that Weiss and Nadia have all the romantic appeal of damp socks. The closest thing I got to a thrill during the whole hour was when Nadia drove the car through the warehouse doors and shot out all the Alliance guys to rescue Jack, which point I had to agree with yahtzee63: Best First Date Ever*.

Yawn's subplot, as usual, did nothing for me whatsoever. So Daddy Bill is alive. Is anyone in the entire universe even remotely surprised by this? No? I didn't think so. I will say one thing for Michael Vartan: he is very pretty, and getting more so as he ages. But big whoop, on this show he's still Yawn. And when I found myself watching his tender farewell scene with Sydney and thinking, "Gee, this stuff must be pretty awkward for Jen and Mike these days," I knew that my sympathies for both the characters they were playing, or any sense of dramatic interest in them, had entirely disengaged.

So... I might tune in again one of these days if somebody mentions a particular scene I really want to see, but as for watching the show on a weekly basis? 'Fraid not.

* How this can possibly dovetail into my earlier stated convictions that Jack is in fact Nadia's real father and that Irina is still alive -- er, well, it doesn't. Let's just say that if Jack is not her father and Irina is not still alive, I can definitely see the appeal. Otherwise, ew.
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