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Okay, so based on the HBP covers just released...

We know a few new things:

1. From the UK Adult Cover: Harry will be in Snape's advanced Potions class after all (though was there really any doubt?) I'll be interested to find out how this happens. I suspect McGonagall may follow through on her promise in OotP to make sure that Harry passes all the requisite courses to become an Auror if she has to tutor him herself... of course, this also implies that there will be lots and lots of Snape in the book. Excuse me while I curl up and purr for a bit.

2. From the UK Children's Cover: There will be an important scene, possibly the climactic one, in which Harry and Dumbledore fight together against Voldemort. The fire could be Fawkes flying around them, or (judging by the looks of alarm on their faces) it could be some spell cast against them. In any case, my prediction remains that at the end of all this Dumbledore will be dead, dead, dead. Also... my, that Harry is growing up, isn't he?

3. From the US Children's Cover: More crunchy Pensieve goodness! And another affirmation that Dumbledore will play a crucial, central role in this book, as opposed to just popping in and out and twinkling now and then. I wonder if the Pensieve scene being depicted here has something to do with Snape, and/or The Awful Truth About Lily and/or James? (Because there is no doubt in my mind that there is an Awful Truth to do with Harry's parents somewhere...)

I was kind of meh before this, but now I'm pumped. Especially now I've seen that UK adult cover. Whee!
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