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Lo, LJ hath returned. (And there was much rejoicing.) But man, you guys didn't lose any time catching up, did you?

For those of you who hadn't heard about this before, I am eight weeks pregnant. I'm feeling a little draggy and queasy, but on the whole not nearly as bad as with my first two.

Apart from that I don't actually have a whole lot of news, unless you want to hear about our new guinea pigs (nah, I'll save that for rjanderson_blog), or are interested in a review of the Kalan Porter concert I went to on New Year's Eve.


Yeah, I thought not.

For my fellow Lost fans and those interested in fan-made soundtracks, I've thought for a long time that the song "Bedshaped" by Keane (from their recent album "Hopes and Fears") reminded me of Shannon. However, it wasn't until I listened to the song again today, having just seen the most recent episode of LOST, that I realized it is in fact the Boone/Shannon theme song, with Boone as the narrator. And I do mean totally. yahtzee63, give it a listen and tell me if I'm wrong on this.

Am currently listening to former Blue's Clues host Steve Burns' album Songs for Dust Mites, which I had long coveted and finally found cheap on eBay. It's charming, especially if you like grungy guitar riffs in the middle of your melodic pop/rock (which I rather do).
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