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Firstly, this report about the voice casting of Marvin in the HHGTTG movie as mentioned on TLC made me squee. SQUEE!!! How perfect is that? *drawls* "Look at me, brain the size of a planet..."

Secondly, after watching this week's Lost, I have figured out why Jack bores me and why the idea of Jack/Kate makes me want to take a very long nap and wake up when it's all over. Oddly, this occurred at the same moment I realized why Jack would probably be the healthiest and most sensible choice for Kate in the long run. Unlike the other guys she's previously been attracted to (like her bank-robbing accomplice, and of course Sawyer), Jack is an honest, straightforward, plain-dealing kind of guy. This is the good and healthy and sensible part.

The only problem is, Jack is fanatically intense and has almost no sense of humour or ability to laugh, either at others or at himself. Or if he does, it's been so long since he displayed any of that humor or wit that I've forgotten it. Oh, he can be kind and gentle and patient with people, which is very nice and which I do appreciate, but man, I just want to tell him to lighten up. Plus, the whole business of threatening to take away Sawyer's medication if he didn't give up the suitcase, which Kate gave Sawyer in the first place (even if she didn't really mean it and decided to try and get it back afterward)? Not that Sawyer wasn't being a brat, but that was pretty extreme. Especially since it was none of Jack's business what was in the case, really -- how was his curiosity any different from Sawyer's? At least Sawyer was honest about being madly curious, whereas Jack was all about the moral indignation as though he had a right to know the truth about Kate -- in spite of the fact that he already had the chance to know back at the beginning and didn't take it.

I'm not voting for Kate/Sawyer, but I will at least say that those two have each other's number. They may not know all the details about each other's pasts, but they know how to take each other as they are, for good or ill. And they don't take each other too seriously, either. Jack, on the other hand, appears to be bent on badgering Kate into being a different person, one more like himself, a nice straightforward girl he can approve of -- and yeah, maybe that'll be a good thing in the end, but given how messed up Jack himself appears to be in his own way, I'm really not convinced. Not to mention that no matter how many scenes they have together, Jack and Kate still have all the chemistry of a wet-nap as far as I'm concerned. (Not that the Sawyer/Kate scenes did anything for me in this episode either -- they seemed pretty forced. But there's been genuine sparkage there in the past.)

On another and mostly unrelated note, but since I'm rambling here I might as well -- I don't get why people complain about Evangeline Lilly not being a good actress. Is it because she's beautiful and slim, people automatically assume she can't really act and was only chosen for her looks? Sure, I wouldn't hand her the Oscar or anything, but she's never ruined a scene for me by being wooden or visibly out of character. She's not quite on the level of Jennifer Garner, who can make all but the most horrifically badly written lines or scenes interesting and convincing, but really, I think she does just fine. And she has great hysterics, which always impresses me. The way she freaked out in the Pilot or when Jack was trying to revive Charlie -- I found both those scenes completely convincing.

As for Alias, I can't say anything about it because I haven't watched it yet. But I did watch this week's Amazing Race and was appropriately disgusted. Phil's eyebrow-pop by the Danube was just about the only saving grace in the episode. What happened to all the fun, ordinary people who used to run the race? Why are we suddenly subjected to a slew of models, wrestlers, actors and other plastic creations? And although there's always been at least one eating task on the race (I am unpleasantly reminded of chicken feet and baby octopi), I don't think I've ever seen so many barf shots (with sound effects, thank you very much) in my life. What is this, Fear Factor? Feh. If Kris and Jon get eliminated, I won't even bother watching the rest of the episodes, because frankly, they are the last remaining couple for whom I have any respect or interest whatsoever. (Gus and Hera, you will be missed.) Besides, there is always the horrifying possibility that that filthy beast Jonathan will win. If the producers had plumbed the sewers of humanity, could they have found a more disgusting specimen than that guy? He reminds me hideously of a boss I once had for six months, and I don't think I'll ever quite get over the trauma of that experience. The vanity, the arrogance, the outbursts of verbal abuse, the readiness to blame everyone and everything except himself, the complete inability to see himself as he really is... *shudders* No, thank you, once was quite enough.

Note to self: Make some more icons, and not of That Guy either.
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