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I did not try to get this result, honest!

You are Locke. A mystery within a mystery. You're
a fountain of backgammon trivia and an expert
with knives. You might like pina coladas and
definitely like getting caught in the rain.
You prefer keeping to yourself mostly, but
you'll tell your secrets to the right person.
Are you evil? Your accompanying soundtrack
sure is sinister.

Which Lost Character Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla
This is fine with me because I <3 Terry O'Quinn.

And speaking of LOST... I finally managed to see "Confidence Man". Count me among those who were disappointed that Sawyer's backstory was so predictable... at least, until Kate pointed out the date on that letter. Whoa! He's Not!Sawyer! That made the whole thing considerably more interesting. And yes, I did find it believable that Not!Sawyer might become the image of the very one he hated. Who was the strongest male figure in his life growing up, after all? And wouldn't part of him be hoping to find a woman who would show more strength and fidelity than his mother did, and turn him down? I think that may be a big part of why he's so attracted to Kate... not only is she insanely gorgeous, she stands up to him and doesn't betray any hint of succumbing to his charm.

Well, except for that kiss. Whoa. I am nowhere near the Kate/Sawyer love train (I'm still keen on Kate/Sayid, and I loved that elegant kiss on the hand he gave her at the end -- such a clever contrast to what had gone before), but even so I'm surprised my monitor didn't melt into a pile of slag during the K/S kiss scene. I am tempted to make an icon that reads "So not my OTP, but who cares?" Sure, it was an absolutely slimy thing to do on Sawyer's part, but Kate sure didn't seem to be too upset over it. That slap after he told her he didn't have the inhalers was so hypocritical it made me snort. You went back for seconds, honey -- now you're going to pretend you didn't enjoy it?

Still, do I feel in any way inclined to excuse Sawyer's bad behaviour? No. He's made his own choices, and a lot of those choices are wrong and selfish ones. He's still got a lot of bigotries and a screwed-up view of the world. I'm not sold on him by any means. I certainly don't buy into the "I had a bad childhood! I couldn't help it!" school of thought. But then, I don't think Sawyer is asking anyone to buy into it either -- quite the opposite, given the way he angrily drove Kate away the moment she appeared to be pitying him. But Josh Holloway is an absolutely phenomenal actor, and I definitely want to stay around and see how Sawyer's character arc plays out.

Also, the mock-perky way he said, "It's about bunnies!" to Kate, especially in that accent, made me laugh out loud.

I'm thinking that Watership Down really is a great book to have connected with the show, even apart from any character similarities. It's about being forced out of your comfort zone, not knowing where you're going or what you'll find; it's about the most basic issues of survival and the search for a home; there are dark places and strange new things, and every character has something different and important to contribute before they all find the security and safety they're looking for. Kinda nifty, really. I almost want to read the book again to see what other similarities I might notice.
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