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Communal Poetry

Gacked from mctabby by way of hedda62, a poem you wrote for me, all unwittingly.

Other tools in a wonderful messed
up as...! well
Speaking of the debate on a story, and catch
it. Harry Potter Addiction Meme
demonstrates that John
Kerry came
off as spent time. Suddenly, I
tend to US
citizens go
through connections with those photographs and
grooming *smirk* That truly
exists, now... handles the
beginnings of
in the
Nameless Evil or
Harry Potter costume
in successive volumes
and it is hard to
a constant state of love you are way more energy
soon. Be thrilled
or much for them, and Richard in the
Debate on your kindness to play the
extraordinary amount
of love so
while there and before I
had two widely different

Courtesy of the Amazing Poem Generator.

*wipes away tear* It's so beautiful.
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