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melissa_tlc, if you haven't seen this yet, you really, really need to. Remember what you were saying about how unfair and inaccurate it was to say that Clay's voice was "too Broadway", and how Broadway-style singing was a whole different kettle of fish? I agreed with you about that, and I even would have gone so far as to doubt that Clay's voice and delivery were suited for Broadway musical-type fare at all.

I've just changed my mind completely on that point, however, courtesy of Clay Aiken singing Alan Menken's 'lost' Aladdin song "Proud of Your Boy". (And yes, it is streaming video, so even dialup connections can see it.)

Why, oh why, oh why, did Clay's first album not have this kind of production? It's about the voice, people, not the lousy instrument track!

Hmm, no Clay icons at the moment. Oh, well.
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