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JKR is my soulmate, or why Jo is so very busted.

I love JKR madly. I really do. Especially for this (which is not a book spoiler, so I feel no guilt about not lj-cutting it):

I have no spare time at all. [Laughter]. When I’m not writing or looking after the children, I read and sleep. To be totally honest with you, at the moment sleeping is probably my very favourite thing in the world to do. I know that is a bit of a depressing answer. I would like to say I was partying with Mick Jagger--well, I wouldn't want to be partying with Mick Jagger, that is a complete lie...
Hee. I am so with you there, Jo. On all counts.

You can read the rest of her new interview here. Lots of good stuff about the books, and plenty of new theory-fodder. Plus, I adored that while she would "hesitate" to say she loves Snape, because she doesn't want anyone to think she means romantically or that she approves of the nastier things he's done and said, it's clear that she totally does love him as a character.

I don't blame Jo for being appalled at the thought that anyone -- especially her younger and more impressionable readers -- might consider themselves in love with Snape given the things she's written about him so far: if you take Harry's point of view on him (which is what Jo's writing, and also how she would expect most of her younger readers to perceive the character), he really is horrible. Beauty grew to love the Beast, and rightly so, once he'd shown persistent kindness and generosity toward her; but if all she'd ever seen him do up to that point was roar and snarl and threaten dire consequences if she disobeyed him, you'd kind of have to wonder about Beauty's mental health, wouldn't you? Or if Eustace in The Silver Chair and The Last Battle appeared to be the same smug, self-centred jerk that he was at the beginning of Dawn Treader, wouldn't we feel sorry for Jill having to put up with the guy, instead of madly shipping Jill/Eustace? (Er, then again, I may be the only person who ships Jill/Eustace. Never mind.)

Anyway, I think that's the position in which JKR imagines most of her readers. She's shown us very little of Snape's good side yet, and she's told us an awful lot of bad stuff about him, so why should we find him attractive at this point? And it naturally worries her when people say that they do. Though not quite as much, I think, as it seems to worry her when people say they love Draco. :)

Drat, where did all the time I was going to spend editing Knife go? *dashes off to try and salvage the last twenty minutes*
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