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Because I am lazy and also because it's time to go to bed, I am copying this over from an e-mail I just sent to my brother:

I think that may have been the single most eye-popping Canadian Idol episode I've ever seen. The first four were horrible (Manoah, Leonard Cohen called. He wants his song back), Jason did a pretty good job and picked the right tune for his voice (but he's so stiff and fake-looking!), and then Kalan, whom I thought was going to spend the rest of the competition doing gentle ballads followed by shy smiles and head-ducking, came out and rocked Steppenwolf all over the stage. How does a kid who can barely put two words together in an interview have such a humongous, fearless stage presence? It's wild.

Theresa wasn't the best I've ever heard her, but I do like Jann Arden, and that song, and she certainly wasn't dull.

Kaleb I thought was lame, but the judges were all over him, again. Go figure.

I miss Elena in Full Wacky Mode, and I've never heard that particular Alanis song before, but it sounded to me like she did a good job of it.

And then, Jacob. What is there to say about Jacob? I did not like Jacob. I still find him strange and almost painful to watch. But I was amused by his mock-angsty "WHAT DO YOU PEOPLE WANT FROM ME?" in his bio. And I have to admit, coming out in a sweater vest and singing Paul Anka -- singing Paul Anka *well*, even -- was gloriously unexpected, and a lot of fun to see. And we all busted up laughing when he pulled that stunt with the imaginary quarter at the end (no pun intended).

I've decided what I really want is a Kalan, Theresa, and Jacob final three. I can't decide whether I want Kalan or Theresa to win the whole shebang, but I guess I'll find that out over the next few weeks. Or maybe I'll just vote for both of them equally, whenever I get around to voting...
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