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24 hours later, I am still not receiving any comment notifications from LiveJournal. My great and terrible fear is that my forwarding service has decided to mark everything that comes from LJ as spam and delete it, but looking at their spam filters I can't for the life of me tell whether this is the case.

Anyway, like I said before, if I've overlooked something you really wanted or expected a response on, you know where I am. Staring blankly at my empty inbox and wondering if I'm about to be flooded, or whether LJ has broken up with me and never wants to see me again.

ETA a happier note: I just watched the "Ministry of Mayhem" video, and I have to say I <3 Dan and Rupert like whoah. Especially Dan, playing air guitar. Hee!

ETA2: I have just figured out how to check my forwarding service and my ISP and the LJ messages (yes, notification is still turned on in my LJ settings -- I checked) are not even coming to, much less being rejected by, either one. What is going on?!
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