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O_o and GIP!

Somehow -- and I only just discovered this -- my friends list Default View got messed up and only half of my actual flist was on it. Which means that for the past week, while I've been wondering at how quiet people were, I have been missing tons of your posts. And all of my syndicated feeds.

I have fixed the problem, but now I have a whole LOT of reading to do...

On a more cheerful note, I found this icon with all the others at the Fandom Escapist Election, and I just had to use it, because Zot!? Love. I'm sorry I can't credit whoever made it, since the site just gives a big long list of all the people who contributed icons and doesn't identify which person goes with which icon. But whoever you are, you have impeccable taste. Thank you!
Tags: fandom, friends, icons, lj, zot!
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