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Gacked from, well, practically everybody on my flist. I was going to do lizbee's, but then I couldn't find her version of the original meme post, just the answers she posted to it this morning. So here's my version, anyway:

Leave a comment to this post and ask me three questions -- no more, no less. They may be personal, philosophical, or just plain silly. As much as it is in my power to do so, I will answer them fully and truthfully.

Depending on the question, you might want to be sitting down for that "fully" part. :)

Apropos of nothing, he says his name is William I need to make some new icons. But I'm also supposed to do a commercial web page for a friend's business, write the outline for my Snape presentation, answer a bunch of backlogged e-mails, and mail out care packages of the latest three Alias episodes on CD to avarill and my brother Pete.

And I have a nagging feeling there's some other Important Thing I've Forgotten. Possibly it involves cleaning the house...
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