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The Best of Markov

More playing with this wacky little program and my LJ:

I'm going to know him. In fact, I wouldn't let her down. Margot wanted a challenge; I gave up my spine, people. Chills. Wow. ...but I just thought of the selections on this one . I'm going to know him. In fact, I'd wondered if anyone did. Well, maybe now was my business to know, and I'd just been the girl behind the others, her eyes wide and haunted. One of her perfume, and it's an effort not to mention that my browsing wasn't real...

...his features contorted again, and a major nose and jawline adjustment. The others followed in quick succession, leaving Ron, Albion, Imogen and me alone. Ron didn't even look back at his hands. I went on: "You may find this surprising, but most people would rather be exploited than ignored. Do you know why Margot's so popular? It's because she put her foot on my mouth." If I had the chance to see some more before I could, I thought, he must have gone mad -- but it was ludicrous to apologise under the circumstances.

...until now he'd been untouchable, imperturbable (indeed, Margot seemed to be so much fun...!) "I want my cup of tea." Under other circumstances I might have given him several rather rude suggestions for what he was to breaking down. Albion the calm, the poised, the confident, whose polite affability made a helpless gesture, and I had the chance to really enjoy shopping in a way that no mere analyst or strategician could match.

A rush of anger pushed me up to you -- you're the son of a war hero who also happens to be soooooooo tired tomorrow. "I knew she was using Dark magic, but -- I underestimated her." "We all did," I said blankly. "There was nothing else to throw," he snapped. "You didn't end up leading six Aurors into a sneer..."

...and it's an effort not to mention determined, to be staffed by men who look like retired English professors, so I was an insufferably arrogant, self-righteous prig, you also said I was not exactly positive. Apparently my original "You are so kind and generous -- thank you! We love you!" came out in a bleak mockery of a sideshow. But it does mention some upcoming incidents in the chair opposite...

Help! Stop me before I markov again!
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