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Ooh, shiny!

Hey, hedda62, it's what we've all been waiting for! Courtesy of the LJ Markov Random Text Generator:

...people in trouble, or been anything but fair with those stupid enough to get out of my back, I gave up my last shreds of self-possession and melted against him. He was smeared with blood and ashes, his robes hung in tatters, and one of them knocked my wand out of my classmates, I didn't need to; he only managed a rough approximation of those times. Going up to my mental image of the time it ended. Through the lattice of my high school/university teachers. If an online friend, you met me before I could barely speak the words.

Oh, well, naturally.

And gacked from theatresm, wow. Just wow. Of all the HP theories I've heard in the past few months, my money's on this one.
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