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I apologize for this in advance...

...but I just had to share. Because I'm evil that way.

I blame risti for this. Because she's a Clay Aiken fan, and seeing her username in pharnabazus and narcissam's impromptu chat session this evening inspired me with the thought that somewhere in the wild and woolly universe of HP fandom, there must be at least one fic in which Clay Aiken ends up at Hogwarts.

And yes, indeed, there is such a fic. However, I was not prepared to discover that it is not merely bad (which was a given) but in fact intentionally bad, and actually quite funny in parts. So here, for the brave (or insane), is the link:

Professor Pop Star: A Harry Potter/Clay Story.

On the way to discovering this hidden gum gem, I also stumbled across some Aiken-inspired HP artwork:

Remus Aboard The Hogwarts Express.

Um, okay, I can't say that that particular bit of casting had ever occurred to me, but...

Anyway, not that this comes as a big surprise to anyone, but HP fandom is nuts... and Clay Aiken fandom is even nuttier. Heh.
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