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What's in a Name Meme

Gacked from just about everybody.

If you call me...

Synaesthete, you've only ever seen me on forums or in group chats.

R.J. Anderson, you've probably read my fics, or at least my blog.

RJ, you met me online after 2000.

Rebecca J. Anderson, we met online around or before 1998, when I was still posting under that name.

Mrs. Anderson, you're a telemarketer working from a very outdated list and guessing wildly at my marital status. I'm sorry, I'm not interested. *click*

Rebecca, you're one of my current RL friends and acquaintances, or else one of my high school/university teachers. If an online friend, you met me before 2000, or you know me reasonably well by now.

Rebecca [Real Last Name], you're my bank or some other impersonal correspondent.

Ra, you are Jeri Massi.

Becky, you are a member of my family or knew me before I was fourteen.

Becker, you are my youngest brother.

Beckles, who is called Beckles, you are my middle brother.

Reeb, you are my oldest brother.

My Dear or Ditty, you are my husband.

Nizzles, you are my mother.

A worn white leather New Testament, looking oddly feminine or ListMom, you are a member of my Mary Russell & Sherlock Holmes mailing list.

Rachel, you are a sweet absent-minded old lady. Or maybe just absent-minded.

Beckaroo Banzai, you are my best friend from when I was fourteen, and you owe me e-mail.

Boy, I have a lot of names...
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